Chris Were has Been Announced as the Green Party’s Candidate in Monmouth for the 2016 Elections to the National Assembly of Wales

Green TieChris said, “Welsh politics lacks young people and new ideas. The polls are predicting Greens to win seats in the next National Assembly government and by voting for, and sending Greens to represent you, we can hold other politicians to account and make sure that promises made by fellow progressives from other parties are kept.

Greens in Wales including myself unapologetically demand real action on climate change and protecting the Welsh environment. We demand the protection and restoration of our civil rights which have been, and continue to be, drastically eroded under previous governments. We demand real equality and social justice and we will make sure that the next assembly government is a government for every single person in this country.

As your Green candidate I intend my campaign to be one of honesty and respect to other candidates and to the electorate. I really don’t like that in today’s culture it’s considered ‘good politics’ to dumb down political messaging, and that is something I refuse to do.”

Chris Were has enjoyed living in Monmouth for most of his life. He works as an open-source software and online video consultant, working with individuals and businesses from around the world.

Thank You to all 1,629 People Who Voted for me and for Helping me Triple the Green Vote Here in Monmouth

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate David Davies on his successful result for the Monmouth constituency in this general election. I also couldn’t help but notice Monmouth’s voter turnout comes in at 6.2% higher than the national average, which is nothing if not positive.

I’d like to thank David as well as Ruth Jones, Veronica German, Gareth Dunn, Jonathan Clark and Stephen Morris for their positive campaigning which has allowed each party to express their views, free from petty insults and personal attacks.

In addition, I’d like to thank the local press for fair and balanced coverage of this election season.

Lastly (but not least) I’d like to thank every Green voter and supporter who helped myself and the Greens increase our vote. Thank You.